Weaponizing Language; Using the "D" word

We learn very early in life how to weaponize language. School yard taunts, the verbal abuse we hurl at our siblings and our peers, the calculated assaults by our bullies begin to show us how language can be a weapon. Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me. “ –English language childhood rhyme How very wrong we are. Missteps and misuse of language can have serious consequences and unforeseen repercussions. Current culture shows us how language can be politicized and weaponized. Here are a couple of links to sites that discuss it; Weaponizing language historically … Continue reading Weaponizing Language; Using the "D" word

Stroke Recovery Distress

The most emotionally devastating emotional pivotal point in stroke recovery is the moment when you discover what’s been truly lost and the realization that its not coming back. For family and friends this is a heartbreaking ‘call to action’ that so many are not equipped to answer. For the stroke victim this is a devastating epiphany. Things will never be the same again. A simple truth, yes, however, becoming aware of it and knowing it to be true shapes the future. Continue reading Stroke Recovery Distress

Takotsubo Syndrome–how do you mend a broken heart?’

How do you mend a broken heart?  Lately we’ve been dealing with my darling wife’s encounter with Takotsubo Syndrome and the struggle to find the way through to an actual treatment protocol for this rare condition.   Takotsubo Syndrome is also … Continue reading Takotsubo Syndrome–how do you mend a broken heart?’

Just a speed-bump, not a full stop

I took a break from my ‘day’ job, and the re-deployment effort for this blog for a while there.  Why?  Because for a while there, it wasn’t coming as easily and the white noise was overwhelming. What wasn’t coming easily? ; My ability to get things done from a cognitive point of view.  Huh?  What does that mean? Here’s a somewhat snooty answer to the question “What wasn’t coming easily?”: Responding to complicated instructions with a sense of comfort, and in a demonstrably confident, repeatable, concise, clean manner was becoming clumsy; Holding up my end of a detailed conversation, assimilating … Continue reading Just a speed-bump, not a full stop

Behaviour Amplifications as a result of stroke

I’m just giving some serious thought to the amplified behaviors I’ve experienced as a result of my hemorrhagic stroke and the embolization used to stop the bleed in my brain. I’m still fighting some of those amplified behaviors, desperately working to wrestle the bad ones into submission while trying to coax the good ones  into becoming the representative ‘me’ which the real me hides behind. I’ve tried to find some sage articles on the subject that may be lurking in the corridors of the internet, but without a lot of success. There seems to be a passing nod of acknowledgement  and validation  given … Continue reading Behaviour Amplifications as a result of stroke

Outside looking in…

I have these moments when I feel like I’m on the outside of my life, looking in… a peeping-tom trying to catch glimpses of the real me, and the real parts of my life. I sometimes imagine that I am walking along a darkened street, glancing in the windows of the houses I pass, the windows framing the activities of life and living.  I wait for the bits where its me doing the living, but it feels like they are few and far between.  I generally feel disconnected from forward momentum of my life. I’m not sure when this started … Continue reading Outside looking in…

Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move With Purpose

In my experience, looking forward and behind me from where I now find myself, trying to understand the different paths my various journeys have taken me along, I’ve come to believe that the road to recovery, and the maintenance of whatever balance you need to find with your body and your mind is predicated on a simple mantra that can be applied to how you live your life at every stage; Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move with Purpose. Yes, I know its been said before in many different ways. The one phrasing that comes to mind and is closest to the … Continue reading Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move With Purpose

Another turn around the sun, and a milestone birthday come and gone

  I suppose that I should acknowledge, based on years of observation, that some people have significant challenges with the ‘milestone’ birthdays.  Some folk revel in them, basking in the glow of achievement and celebration, some are seriously afraid of them and what they perceive them to mean about the progression of their lives.  Each milestone means we are older.  Each milestone can also be used as a marker of where we should be in our lives in terms of career, family, relationships and so many more silly little things that are defined by the society we choose to live … Continue reading Another turn around the sun, and a milestone birthday come and gone

Send me a note to call me on my behaviours!

If you find that this blog has not been updated within a two week period, please send a note or comment to that effect.  the blog was intended to connect with others who have had the same challenges, or just generally to stay ‘in the world’ rather than retreating into some sort of intellectual hibernation.  Not to remain as current as possible in this day of social media is just plain silly.  Help me to stay current… give me a virtual poke, a pinch, a kick in the pants, to remind me. Thanks!! Continue reading Send me a note to call me on my behaviours!