At the British Open

When the television cameras take their shots of the eighteenth hole and the clubhouse building in behind, if you look really, really closely, you’ll see us on the other side of the glass in the clubhouse, staying warm and dry! I would try to post photos, but the ones I have are of the practice rounds (which I may post anyway). They are confiscating cameras and cellphones at the gate to the grounds.

The wet and the winds have been outrageous… we’ve found that it is more acceptable to be in the clubhouse (thanks to Sally and Derek’s member guest passes!) or at the in-laws watching on the television. The in-laws live within walking distance of the golf course, so its no hardship to bounce back and forth between the two, depending on the weather. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening. We’re either there, or not.

Today we ran out to ‘Aunt’ Jane’s cottage in Cheshire for lunch… a lovely place with an absolutely amazing collection of art, both paintings and sculpture. I don’t want to say too much about her collection in case the ‘wrong sort of people’ are reading this blog; just note that it is wonderful. We skirted Liverpool, so I didn’t even catch a glimpse of the Tall Ships today. Oh, well… tomorrow will be at the golf course… although I’m thinking of threatening to catch a train into Liverpool in the morning to see the Tall Ships, and then scoot back to the Royal Birkdale (Hillside train station on the Merseyside line is within 100 meters of the main gate) to meet the family at the Open. That should get a reaction… I’m sure that Gail will absolutely refuse to let me do it… (hee, hee, hee).

Monday we are going into Liverpool to the Tate Gallery at the Albert Dock to see the Klimt exhibit, and, if we time it right, we should see the parade of sail as the Tall Ships leave Liverpool. And that’s sorta why I want to slip in to the city tomorrow morning (Sunday)… the ships are closed to visitors on Monday as they prepare to sail off into the horizon…

We’re off to the Lake District for Tuesday evening and Wednesday, back to Southport on Thursday, to Portmerion in Wales on Friday to see the village that was the set for the cult television show ‘The Prisoner’, and then just ‘hangin‘ about’ in Southport until I have to go back to London to catch my flight home. I am a little disappointed that the timing for the family isn’t working to my advantage this time… I had hoped to either get into central London for a bit, or off to the city of Bath, but it doesn’t look like either is going to happen. This is what comes of being beholden to your relatives when you travel… next time I am going to arrange for driving lessons and rent a car or a motorcycle, dammit!

On the health watch side of things, I still haven’t gained any weight. But I do feel terrific!

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