Southport, Merseyside, UK

This morning has been, from a weather perspective, gawd awful! There’s rain blowing in from the sea on a chilly breeze that is keeping us, well, me in particular, away from the first day of the British Open… we’re watching it on television instead. We’re within walking distance of the course and yet have decided to stay warm and dry in our little burrow here at Dunster Road. We will be going to course for 2:30 pm to meet sister-in-law Sally in the club house after she has finished her shift as Scorer.

Since we arrived in Southport on Tuesday evening the days have been blustery, calming into the evening with overnight rain. Typical English weather! I am travelling with shorts and two pairs of light khakis and dress sandals, and haven’t worn anything except my jeans and ropers since we landed at Heathrow. At the least the people are nice and entertaining… We had dinner last night at Roy and Joan’s (family friends) with Brian and Anne (family friends, though might as well be family), Jean-Claude and Claire (Gail’s mother’s half sister and chef husband from Nice), Aunt Pauline (who looks suspiciously like Dame Edna), Anne and Toddy (from Edmonton, AB, of all places! Family friends), Sara, Steven and their two children Spencer and Maryasa (Anne and Toddy’s kids, living in Vancouver), and Alan and ? Jackson, (friends of Roy and Joan’s), and of course the ever present Sally and Derek. It was fun.

I found a weigh scale here at my in-laws that measures in ‘stones’… and no matter how you measure it I am still not gaining weight; 10.09 stone is still not more than 155 lbs no matter which conversion scale you use. In fact, if you multiply by 14 (14 lbs to a stone, in theory) I only weigh 141.26 lbs, which represents a weight loss of over ten lbs since we left Edmonton. And yet I have been eating much better, still maintaining my Ensure Plus intake, and have noticed an increase in appetite. It may be the exercise… but that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

My surgeon is going to be very concerned if I really have slipped below the 150 lb mark. Hell, I’m going to be very concerned if I’ve slipped below 150… the oncology team at the Cross Cancer Centre threatened to install a J-tube or a G-tube if I didn’t make up the weight by August. I do NOT want a tube in my stomach!

I feel great, however. I just don’t know what’s going on…

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