Yesterday, Sunday, was a day of mostly rain… but it cleared up in the evening, and although a bit chilly, made for nice sitting on the deck. We had been to friends for dinner, and then come home to just be quiet… me, so I could wrap my head around a process document that I was to present Monday morning, and Gail so she could just be quiet and continue trying to wrap her head around where she is in life. And just as we had settled into the Adirondack chairs with fleeces and drinks, and began talking about getting … Continue reading

After playing around on my motorcycle for several weeks now, normally after work, and weekends, touring around the local industrial park with the odd excursion out to various parts of the city (like my favourite liquor store for scotch that I am beginning to taste again!), and a couple of evening runs to the government building that I am working at for the moment, I rode my motorcycle to work during rush hour, both ways, yesterday. No trauma, no problems… smooth all the way, both ways! This is, what I consider to be, a major milestone. I haven’t gained any … Continue reading

Take a deep breath… the hearing in my left ear has corrected itself, no thanks to any of the doctors! We still have the incessant white noise background, although the periodic high pitched, metallic whine of tinnitus is occurring with less and less regularity, with no hint of seeing the audiologist any time soon. In fact, I’m a bit disappointed in the ‘after care’. My call to Dr. Williams’ office got the response that I should talk to my radiation doctor, after my radiation doctor (Dr. Jha) specifically told me to use Dr. Williams for all my concerns going forward. … Continue reading

Damned hearing!

This morning brought a bit of a panic… I’ve lost most of the hearing in my left ear! And this, at first blush, seems to have been an overnight occurrence, but when I think about it, I was having trouble hearing Rhys when he was whispering, from my left, during the conference yesterday.Hopefully its something simple like a waxy occlusion and not the beginning of a permanent problem. I have called Dr. Williams’ office and asked Dianne to get me in to see the audiologist so I can get evaluated. In the short term, I’ll dig out my ear syringe … Continue reading Damned hearing!

Birthdays and Bears

For those of you who monitor such things, last week was my birthday… and a nice day it was, too. I didn’t do my usual its-my-birthday-and-therefore-a-day-off, but went to work. It was a bit quiet with almost everyone on the team in meetings most of the day… and no one knew it was my birthday. There was an invitation to lunch with the engagement partner and a visitor from the USA, but it came after the original invite had been sent out with an ‘oops, we missed you’ attached. Another member of the team was pretty insistent that it was … Continue reading Birthdays and Bears