The Bubble Bursts!

The bubble bursts! Are you prepared for your Covid-19 bubble to burst?  I know you’re ready! We’re all ready for a significant change in the way we’re responding to the pandemic, but are you actually prepared? September has always been a threshold for seasonal change in my part of the world. We’re hovering on the edge of harvest, the end of family vacation time arrives, the kids go back to school and the urbanized adults find themselves back at work with new imperatives for business success. This year September’s transformative role is being presented as far more than the normal … Continue reading The Bubble Bursts!

We teach what we need to learn

We teach what we need to learn.  (attributed to Irene Tomkinson) This truism is illustrated in the way we deal with our children, our grandchildren, our co-workers and friends.  Take note of what you are teaching…and understand why. There is more to this.  Richard Bach offered a variation on it; We teach what we need to learn most. Continue reading We teach what we need to learn