What a disaster! By 7 PM last night I had vomited up absolutely everything in my system and was beginning to work on all of the accumulated fluids in my system… talk about a ‘cleanse’! My urinary output was virtually Nil. I had also been hiccuping almost non-stop since noon. The ‘almost non-stop’ was for about half an hour after vomiting, then the damned hiccups would start again. My guts were sore, I hadn’t been able to keep anything down, I was becoming dehydrated. So, after a number of consultations with the Cross (including a mid afternoon call with Nicola, the day’s phone triage nurse, that did get a subtle change in the anti-nausea medications) we headed off to Sturgeon Hospital.

At midnight we finally made it home, after being given 3 litres of fluid to stave off dehydration and the potential kidney damage that cisplatin can cause. They also gave me a med to stop the hiccups, which it eventually did, and a big dose of the anti-nausea meds that I hadn’t been able to keep down long enough for them to work.

I got home and slept for about 10 hours. I’ve had my morning pills, with an Ensure (meal replacement), and am sorta waiting for any reaction. Lunch is something that I very looking forward to, not because I’m hungry, but as a way post that says I’m starting to get the cisplatin under control.

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