What a disaster! By 7 PM last night I had vomited up absolutely everything in my system and was beginning to work on all of the accumulated fluids in my system… talk about a ‘cleanse’! My urinary output was virtually Nil. I had also been hiccuping almost non-stop since noon. The ‘almost non-stop’ was for about half an hour after vomiting, then the damned hiccups would start again. My guts were sore, I hadn’t been able to keep anything down, I was becoming dehydrated. So, after a number of consultations with the Cross (including a mid afternoon call with Nicola, … Continue reading

First Chemotherapy and First Radiation

Indications of the imminent approach of a tidal wave, as verified on tape and anecdotally during the Boxing Day tidal wave in Thailand several years ago, was (or is) the slow withdrawing of all the water back from the beach, in some areas as much as several kilometers away from the coastline. Once withdrawn, there is a ‘pause, two, three, four’ and then the water comes screaming back towards and then over the beachlines/coastlines and well inland.At 2:00 am this morning, I had a mild hiccup which woke me. My immediate thought was that the bought of hiccups that I … Continue reading First Chemotherapy and First Radiation