Moving Through The World

Moving though the world. Does it feel like your world is constantly in motion around you and without you? Are you having trouble keeping up with the changes? Can you even identify all the changes?

You aren’t the only one.

The trick seems to be to learn how to move with the changes, move with the world and not get stuck in a “here and now” that no longer works for you.

What do you do as you Move Through the World?

  • Observe
  • Find Passion
  • Move Forward

We’re all ‘moving through the world‘ as we live our lives.  That’s a big part of my personal philosophy; you’re on the move as part of living a life, and you need to be on the move constantly or you’re not really living the life you’ve got.   You gotta keep moving forward.  Going back isn’t really an option.  In real life there is no ‘do-over’.

My moving through the world involves observation, which basically means noticing what is going on around me as I move forward. I try not to be overly judgmental, and I’d like to think I’m mostly successful. 

I try not to cower in the shadows cast by a world in disarray. 

My interests and passions help me focus my attention which adds colour, texture and resonance  to a world that too often seems to be devoid of real meaning.

Find passion for the living of your life.  That may mean discovering a ‘something‘ in your life that can become a passion, and is worthy of pursuit.  Pursue it!  Chase it!

Moving forward is about so many things including personal growth, interaction with the people around us,  participation in the communities that we call home, and the much overused catch phrase ‘making a difference‘.

Let’s go! Let’s live this life! Let’s find the excitement and fun in our world.

Grab your favourite footwear and a bag to carry the things you really need to take with you and to stash the souvenirs you’ll collect along the way.   

Don’t forget a hat. The hat you choose, like the bag you carry, should be something that says ‘ME’.   Pick a hat.

Now, keep going. Take a hat!

Record it all. Take notes, take pictures and videos. If you don’t already, take a bash at using social media sites.

Got a notebook?  I recommend something by MoleSkine

How about a sketchbook?  Best sketchbooks for your journey. 

Camera?!  Your smart phone should have one.

Move forward.  Standing still is not an option.  Stasis is a form of dying.

Oooh.  That statement is a bit bleak.  And while I do like to be ‘dramatic’ in what I say and how I present my thoughts and ideas that particular phrasing is not a true representation of me, although it is quotable.

There’s a similar phrase out there; “if you’re not busy living, you’re busy dying“.

I will acknowledge that sometimes you do have to take a break, take a breath, rest, collect your thoughts, pause, rethink your direction.  But then after a short time you must start moving forward again.

I know it’s tough.  I’ve been forced to pause a number of times. I fought to get moving again.   If you’re interested in those moments when the pause turned into inactivity which threatened to turn into the stasis I fear, then let me share with you through the vehicle of this blog and website.  Have a read.

The way the website and blog is organized is a bit daunting at the moment.  I’m working on pulling things into a less chaotic random collection of disparate thoughts and observations to have it flow as more of a logical documentation of my history.

This particular page of this site teeters on the brink of redesign and re-writes to accommodate my pending retirement, my passion for art, writing, music, my disastrous attempts at learning how to play the piano, travel adventures, and my day-to-day life as a grandfather.  The focused experiences with cancer and stroke can be accessed from the menu at the top of the page.  Yes, those pages are being reconfigured as well.

To get started, why not try out these links that follow as representative of some of  the random and ridiculous musings that have helped and continue to help me keep moving through the world.

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