The meeting with our GP went very well yesterday. The radiologist’s report basically says that the ‘mass’ on the right kidney hasn’t changed since we started monitoring it last April/May and therefore it is likely a cyst, or something else quite innocuous. But of course the radiologist covered their butt by adding an oddly worded disclaimer suggesting that there was a very remote possibility that it could be some sort of carcinoma. Our GP pointed out that I would know if there was a real problem… there would be a change in my body chemistry that I would notice. Kidney related ‘stuff’ is not subtle. He’ll schedule another CT for a year from now.

Alright! Take a deep breath, and on we go.

I did ask for something to offset the nose drip… I also asked for something for the tongue fungus. He came through with a couple of things that should help. I tell ya, its a good thing to have a drug plan.

Its starting to look like I do have something ‘extra’ growing on the tip of my nose. He was very concerned, at first, when I brought it to his attention… then broke out laughing upon closer examination. He thinks I’ve got a wart… Well, as funny as it seems to have a wart on the end of my nose, he’s not taking any chances. He has referred me to a dermatologist to have it excised and analyzed. If its not a wart, it’ll probably be a basil cell carcinoma, one of the least problematic of the skin cancers.
Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the original surgery… time for an inventory.

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