Yesterday’s Physio

Yesterday’s appointment with the physio therapist at the Cross was very positive… I’m definitely making progress. My range of motion is within mere degrees of being back to what it was a year ago… which is not to say that it was ‘normal’ to begin with. Apparently I wasn’t as flexible as I could have been. Too many years spent hunched over a keyboard, I guess. But, as I said, the range of motion is back, and with negligible pain at the extremes. Strength is coming back into the all the right areas. We have adjusted my exercise list to … Continue reading Yesterday’s Physio

The blonde, the brunette and the vengeful redhead

Fiona Reid remains one of my favourite actors. She is currently playing in a production of Robert Hewett’s ‘The Blonde, The Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead’ at the Citadel. We saw it last night and it was wonderful! The script is good. Fiona was brilliant… its a one-woman show where she plays seven different characters, ranging from a little boy to an old woman, with stops in-between at a misogynist, a lesbian doctor, a Russian immigrant tart, a middle aged meddler and an inadvertent murderer. The idea behind the set was very good, but I question the execution of the … Continue reading The blonde, the brunette and the vengeful redhead