Yesterday’s Physio

Yesterday’s appointment with the physio therapist at the Cross was very positive… I’m definitely making progress. My range of motion is within mere degrees of being back to what it was a year ago… which is not to say that it was ‘normal’ to begin with. Apparently I wasn’t as flexible as I could have been. Too many years spent hunched over a keyboard, I guess. But, as I said, the range of motion is back, and with negligible pain at the extremes.

Strength is coming back into the all the right areas. We have adjusted my exercise list to include strength building moves with the stretch/mobility activities.

Thank goodness… that means that the majority of the impact to the spinal accessory nerve has largely been mitigated. I still have some numbness across the top of my shoulder, but control over the major groups is back. Now I just have to remember to stand up straight, and not slip into the more comfortable slouch. Breathing more deeply will help to support the more open chest and upright posture. I guess I need to seriously think about yoga and/or tai chi…

And just think how good things would be if I actually did the exercises as regularly as I should!

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