G. is upstairs, trying to sort out the house now that the painters have left… while I’m in the basement office, supposedly studying for the next ITIL V3 exam in the series. Randy, the painter, and his assistant really did do a lovely job; Top Notch Painters in Edmonton, if you ever need someone. They did finish, finally, on Thursday… the wallpaper removal caused them huge problems which delayed them by a full day. Now G. is putting back the switchplates and rehanging some pictures. Why this evening? Well, Thursday night was at the theatre, Friday night was at dinner … Continue reading

Hey! I pushed through yet another barrier last night; I attended a show at the Citadel for the first time in 11 years… and I managed to fly in under the radar. Now, I’m not entirely sure that this is a good thing… only one person in the place who wasn’t expecting me to be there actually recognized me. There were a fair number of the crew that I used to work with on hand, plus board members, with artists and folks from other arts organizations… and I managed to move through them undetected. My shyness over rode and took … Continue reading

Well, its been over a week since last I posted anything here, and a lot has happened. An interesting election result, a very ugly financial picture emerging, the price of oil sliding dramatically, the looney taking a beating…I strongly suspect that everything else that has happened/is happening in my little world is pretty trivial stuff to anyone but me.My mother and father, younger sister and younger brother all made it to St. Albert for Thanksgiving… did I mention that? It made for a really warm and fuzzy weekend.Mom brought her copy of a ‘slow cooker’ cookbook. We had purchased a … Continue reading

Dentists and Financial Meltdown

Yesterday afternoon I braved the dentist’s chair for the first time in over a year. My dentist is Dr. David Scott, a professor at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Dentistry, who has a small private practice that he is encouraged to run out of the Faculty. He is also an old family friend, having been one of G.’s first employers (as a nanny, I think) when she first came to Canada… I’ve never been really clear on the history there… but he has looked after me for over twenty years.The hygienist, Cheryl, was complaining that now that she’s hit … Continue reading Dentists and Financial Meltdown


And just for the record, I did ride my motorcycle to work this morning… I dressed well for the cool +4 degrees with a fleece jacket under my insulated leather jacket and a decent scarf. The chaps make a huge difference cutting the wind, and so far I’ve not needed anything extra on my legs. The real challenge is proving to be the gloves. I changed out to a pair of winter leather gloves which have served me quite well for the past couple of years, but my fingertips got a bit tingly on the ride in this morning. Hmmmm… … Continue reading Monday