…and then there’s today.

Its November in Edmonton… but you’d never know it. Today is predicted to be +7 degrees C. We have no snow. It was bright and sunny for a couple of hours earlier, but a pleasant cloud cover is settling in… and yes, cloud cover can be pleasant… thin, bright, and thick in places to give it some texture, and darker bits, letting sunshine slip through the gaps… pleasant. The quality of light is so much better than it was a week or so ago. I gotta start carrying a camera with me so I can post timely photos…The experiment with … Continue reading …and then there’s today.

Dentists and Financial Meltdown

Yesterday afternoon I braved the dentist’s chair for the first time in over a year. My dentist is Dr. David Scott, a professor at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Dentistry, who has a small private practice that he is encouraged to run out of the Faculty. He is also an old family friend, having been one of G.’s first employers (as a nanny, I think) when she first came to Canada… I’ve never been really clear on the history there… but he has looked after me for over twenty years.The hygienist, Cheryl, was complaining that now that she’s hit … Continue reading Dentists and Financial Meltdown