…and then there’s today.

Its November in Edmonton… but you’d never know it. Today is predicted to be +7 degrees C. We have no snow. It was bright and sunny for a couple of hours earlier, but a pleasant cloud cover is settling in… and yes, cloud cover can be pleasant… thin, bright, and thick in places to give it some texture, and darker bits, letting sunshine slip through the gaps… pleasant. The quality of light is so much better than it was a week or so ago. I gotta start carrying a camera with me so I can post timely photos…

The experiment with salagen/pilocarpine is progressing nicely. I think that I’m starting to feel some of the side effects which means that it is building up in my system and we should know soon if it’s doing me any good. Side effects? I get a light layer of perspiration on my back within an hour of taking a pill; my nose drips; my bladder sudden fills up. Just minor physical ‘discomforts’, but I can cope with this if it means more saliva. And I have observed that I am using less of the artificial saliva.

This afternoon I have an appointment with my GP (Dr. Naiker) to discuss the results of the CT scan we did a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got a whole list of stuff to ask him about which includes the nose drip, the nose tip (there’s something new there that shouldn’t be), thighs, knees and hip pain, and bring him up to date on the pilocarpine.

I did check the ‘visitor’ log earlier this morning and discovered that someone from Michaels visited twice (I got the ip address, not their business card). I haven’t heard a word from them, but I’m pleased to know that they appear to be following up on my complaint. Now it is totally possible that what hit the blog was an automated search engine… I know that some smart IT guys out there do that for their employers; they run an deep dive Internet search against their corporate names to pull up any new references. Its not unlike a ‘clipping service’ where you can pay an organization to scan newspapers, magazines and then all the online sources for articles about you or your product, and basically build you a scrapbook of the results. I believe that it was an internal Michaels‘ search because most of the commercial clipping services use their own names, or no names, in an attempt to offer their clients some level of anonymity.

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