The Questionable Value of Salagen / Pilocarpine

I’ve been trying to reach some sort of conclusion about the value of taking Salagen (aka pilocarpine) to offset the dry mouth syndrome. Well, at least I am starting to question the value for my particular situation. Pilocarpine (or the commercial name Salagen) is touted as being one solution to dry mouth. It is supposed to actually stimulate saliva production. Now, given that I’m down to one saliva gland because of the radiation treatment, I thought that it might be something worth trying. I was initially disappointed with my doctors because they didn’t suggest it right off the bat. I’m … Continue reading The Questionable Value of Salagen / Pilocarpine

…and then there’s today.

Its November in Edmonton… but you’d never know it. Today is predicted to be +7 degrees C. We have no snow. It was bright and sunny for a couple of hours earlier, but a pleasant cloud cover is settling in… and yes, cloud cover can be pleasant… thin, bright, and thick in places to give it some texture, and darker bits, letting sunshine slip through the gaps… pleasant. The quality of light is so much better than it was a week or so ago. I gotta start carrying a camera with me so I can post timely photos…The experiment with … Continue reading …and then there’s today.

I am absolutely fascinated by the number of people out there who have no channel to reach their spouse/significant other during the day to do the mundane things, like plan their lives as a couple. I am trying to set up an evening at the Oilers hockey game, in the company box. I have invited members of the client team that we are currently working with… and it is astounding how few of them are able to get a yes/no commitment during the working day. What’s even more astounding is discovering how many of them actually don’t know how to … Continue reading


And just for the record, I did ride my motorcycle to work this morning… I dressed well for the cool +4 degrees with a fleece jacket under my insulated leather jacket and a decent scarf. The chaps make a huge difference cutting the wind, and so far I’ve not needed anything extra on my legs. The real challenge is proving to be the gloves. I changed out to a pair of winter leather gloves which have served me quite well for the past couple of years, but my fingertips got a bit tingly on the ride in this morning. Hmmmm… … Continue reading Monday