Well, its been over a week since last I posted anything here, and a lot has happened. An interesting election result, a very ugly financial picture emerging, the price of oil sliding dramatically, the looney taking a beating…

I strongly suspect that everything else that has happened/is happening in my little world is pretty trivial stuff to anyone but me.

My mother and father, younger sister and younger brother all made it to St. Albert for Thanksgiving… did I mention that? It made for a really warm and fuzzy weekend.

Mom brought her copy of a ‘slow cooker’ cookbook. We had purchased a really nice crock pot just before they got here, so it was very timely… We tried out a recipe this past Sunday with what should have been a nice sirloin tip roast, however, it just didn’t work. Its seems that what we’ve heard is true; the poorer the cut of meat, the better the result in a slow cooker. The roast we did was very tasty, but dry and overcooked… the vegetables (baby potatoes, carrots, onions) were nearly perfect. Oh well, live and learn… I’ll try again this weekend.

While the meat was being murdered, I spent most of the day in the garage. I found a great system to hoist and store our bicycles at Mountain Equipment Co-op. It was fairly easy to install. It would have been really easy if my shoulder were a bit more cooperative… but it works, and works well. And with the bicycles up out of the way, I managed to fit the motorcycle in, with the jeep and G.’s convertible. Does that mean that the motorcycle is ‘put away’ for the winter? Well, I suppose so… although I should probably change the oil…

And we spent the rest of the day finishing what we started on Saturday; moving furniture, removing pictures, and generally creating havoc in the townhouse.

We’re finally getting a start on getting the townhouse updated. To that end, we have contracted a painting company to give a fresh coat of paint to most of the place, excluding the living/dining room, the big bathroom and the basement. We got a fabulous price quote; a quote, mind you and not an estimate subject to escalation! And they started yesterday! Whoo hoo! This is great! They have run into one snag, however, and that’s the removal of the wallpaper in the kitchen/breakfast nook area. It just will NOT come off! They’re back today, and I suspect that they’ll be in tomorrow as well…

This morning I lept out of bed at 5:30 am (lept? Ya, right…) to make it to a fundraising breakfast event for the Kid’s Kottage way out in Sherwood Park that started at 7:00 am. Premiere Ed Stelmach spoke, and did so quite eloquently… and with a nice sense of humour. Danny Hooper MC’d… darn, but he’s a funny guy. And Dr. Bob Westbury was there, but, even after G.’s time spent with him yesterday, part of which was spent briefing him on my little challenges over the last year, he didn’t recognize me. I didn’t push it… just let it go. We’ll probably see him on Thursday evening…

The Deloitte table was hosted by partner Ken Sklar, with Dalibor and Dejan (the Brothers-in-law Karamozov), and Ms. Mucha representing the rest of Deloitte. We were hosting the provincial Minister of the Environment, Rob Renner, and another MLA who I didn’t recognize, nor did I catch her name. (Unfortunately, I suspect that this was more due to my hearing than the noise in the room… I felt a bit uncomfortable at various points during the event because the ambient noise seemed to really get in the way.) I sat beside the CIO for the ministry of Employment and Immigration, and across from the CIO for Finance.

You know, these things are touted as great opportunities for networking, but they’re not really working for me at this point. Sure, the right folks at the GoA are getting to know my face, and who I am on the Deloitte team, but I just can’t seem to sustain a decent level of conversation right now… the hearing issue is really plaguing me in noisy environments. Maybe I will have to get those damned hearing aids just for those events. In terms of frequencies, and subtleties, I can hear quite well now, and it seems to be getting better… except in these sorts of circumstances. Damn.

Tonight is an itSMF dinner at the Royal Glenora Club… and its starting to look like I get to be the MC ’cause the Prez can’t make it. That just makes it tougher to sneak out earlier if the speaker is a dud.

Wednesday evening, we get to put all the furniture back that had to be moved for the painters.

Thursday evening we’re slated to be at the opening of Ronnie Burkett’s new piece, ‘Billy Twinkle’ at The Citadel’s Maclab Theatre.

Sunday afternoon, we’re going to catch ‘The Forbidden Phoenix’ at The Citadel’s Shoctor.

Busy, busy, busy…

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