Quadroscopy; the day after the day after

Friday was the day of the Quadroscopy, that particularily invasive procedure when they knock you out, send scopes and tubes up your nose, down your throat, into your lungs and into your stomach, sampling and biopsying along the way. As far as I can tell, they also pin back your lips to make access easier; mine felt like I had been french kissing an aggressively amourous woman wearing braces. The insides of my lips were bruised, cut and generally abused. My throat was, and still is sore, especially in the upper right quadrant. Did Dr. Williams take a particularily large block of tissue from this area? He did warn me that there would be some soreness behind my tongue when he was done.

My chest and stomach muscles ache like crazy. Its difficult to bend over. I hurt a lot when I cough, and it is difficult to clear my throat. I feel a bit lazy. Well, okay, its a bit of exhaustion ’cause I’m not sleeping well.

But in spite of that, Friday was a good day. I made the nurses laugh. While waiting in the ‘staging area’, I talked to a guy who was having his elbow rebuilt after a shooting accident; he is a larynx cancer survivor as well. My lovely wife spent the day with me. My daughters also managed to get away from work to spend the day with us. And I got two teddy bears. In spite of the Quadroscopy, it was a good day.

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