They still can’t find it? Bloody Hell!

Well, I really am starting to feel irresponsible; I’ve mislaid a very significant primary tumour.

Just kiddin‘, sorta.

Gail had a call tonight from our GP, Randy Naiker who has taken the time to review the MRI that was done last week. He can’t (and by inference, neither can the radiologist) find the primary tumour. The sub-mandibular lymph node that is/was collecting the cancerous cells shows up quite well, but the scan doesn’t show anything else.

By the way, Naiker is a fabulous GP. If you can get him to take you on, do it!

Anyway, this is getting a wee bit silly. What the hell is going on with the primary?

On Friday I will be going through the unparalleled experience of a Quadroscopy… and hopefully Dr. Williams will find something. And, we don’t yet have the results of the PET scan, although he may.

In my best moments, I’d like to believe that my body has actually dealt with the damned thing, and expelled it, but forgot the take out the garbage in the lymph node.

Realistically I know that I am still in danger, and quite possibly more at risk ’cause we don’t know where the site of the primary is. The location of the contaminated lymph node screams out ‘neck or throat cancer’, but… <>. Self diagnosis will be counter-productive at this point. I suspect that my lovely Gail is doing enough of this for both of us, which would account for her somewhat erratic behaviour. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that her research list has gone beyond the neck and throat sites into the brain…

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