Cross Cancer Institute follow ups

This entry is just to give kudos to the Cross Cancer Institute for their ongoing support.Last night a volunteer from the Cross called to check in with me… to ask if there was anything that I needed to know, wanted to know, or generally needed. Very comforting. Continue reading Cross Cancer Institute follow ups

Forearm Flap Healing Well

Here are another couple of shots of my forearm skin graft over the area the surgeons took the flap of skin to rebuild the back of my throat (and part of my tongue?). As you can see, it is healing extremely well. In fact, if it weren’t for the need to protect the newly healed area from being damaged by clothing and general, everyday activity, it probably doesn’t need the bandages anymore. As it is in an area that is subjected to incidental contact with way too many things, we are continuing to cover it. Tight to the skin is … Continue reading Forearm Flap Healing Well