Getting through your fifties appears to be the challenge!

Word from the family in England is that the eldest sister-in-law has landed in hospital with some sort of abdominal complaint. I’m still waiting for details…But a conversation we had a few days ago with friends had a theme that pointed out that if something is going to go wrong, its probably gonna happen in your fifties, otherwise you’ll sail through to old age with few problems. Well, Gail’s got her traumas, I’ve got my cancer and now my dear sister-in-law is down. I’d be very curious to see if there are any real stats on this observation. Continue reading Getting through your fifties appears to be the challenge!

Visiting with Irene at COMPRU

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours with Irene of the COMPRU team, essentially going through the same process/procedures that we did last November. (And I got up the nerve to ask her if those brilliant blue eyes were really hers. She does wear blue lenses over her own grey-blue eyes. Its a fabulous effect!)We started off with the head shots: full frontal, three quarter frontal, both sides and half frontal, both sides. Then we went into another examination room where they took closeup shots of my mouth. It takes three of ’em to do it; one to hold … Continue reading Visiting with Irene at COMPRU

Updated ForeArm Photos and other updates.

As promised, here are a couple of shots of the forearm skin graft area. Remember that this is the area from which they pulled tissue to repair the back of the throat and the back of the tongue after removing the tumour and excising extra for ‘margins’. Please also note the long, thin scar running up the arm; this is where they removed the radial artery used in reconstructing/reconnecting the arteries and veins damaged during the surgery. Hmmm… I really need to use a bit more vitamin e cream on that.By the way, the Lee Valley Tools mucking gloves work … Continue reading Updated ForeArm Photos and other updates.