Hiccups are bad. Hate ’em.

The continuing fallout from chemo therapy seems to be centering around the hiccups that keep coming back and back and back. This morning, after radiation (by the way, they cut the eyes out of the Iron Maiden for me!) we waited to see Dr. Koski and her intern to see what can/should be done about the hiccups. They have become absolutely disruptive to everything… my sleeping, my eating, my drinking. (Hell, the whole chemo thing is devastating my drinking, not just the hiccups. I can’t keep up with my scotch consumption… just kidding!) What happens is that I get sudden bout of gut shaking hiccups that goes on for three or four minutes. Then, after walking about, drinking cool water, and anything else I can think of, they’ll subside. If I have taken meds lately, or had anything to eat, then it becomes a waiting game; will my system sudden toss it all?

New drugs are on the way… a little anti-psychotic called ‘chlorpromazine-oral’. If they were to ever offer it to you, make sure you read the fine print. Its got some potentially nasty side effects that I personally don’t want… and one that I might similar to Viagra. The warnings say ‘in the unlikely event that you have a painful, prolonged erection (lasting more than 4 hours), stop using this drug’. Okay… four hours would be good, right? Not so sure about the ‘painful’ part though.

I’m also doing a bit of research on the nerve that may be causing all of this… I’m not sure that I got it right the last time…

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