Keeping it positive…

Well, we’re trying to stay positive out here, in spite of the challenges. Most of the nausea due to the chemo seems to have subsided today, but what I assume to be the radiation treatment is making most of the foods that I try totally unpalatable. The feeling of ‘burn’ on the back of my tongue that I was warned about seems to be starting. Damned bad timing, really, as my speech almost seems normal.

And those bloody hiccups keep coming back at odd moments. If nothing else, however, the hiccups remind me that I need to keep consuming fluids to flush the toxins out of my kidneys.

And no, I haven’t resorted to that new med for the hiccups. I’m hoping that they will pass today… if they don’t, then I will try them for Wednesday or Thursday.

I’m also feeling pretty trapped by the cold and the generally bad weather. I’ve been denied the use of the Jeep, so I’m not particularly mobile, not trusting my shoulder to support the stick-shift in the car. And I really don’t know how much fun it would be riding around in a convertible in this weather anyway. The cat is doing his best to blame me for the fact that he can’t go outside. I just can’t bring myself to let him out into the -30s in case I fall asleep and don’t notice that he’s back. Daytime television still sucks.

So I read, and nap and try to find all the little drafts that are infiltrating the townhouse. I put on my iTouch and pace around the place as exercise.

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