Another take on the Akabutu’s Mouthwash recipe

Here is another breakdown of the recipe I’ve discovered:

From what I’ve been able to discover through various channels Dr. Akabutu’s mouthwash is made up of 60 cc of xylocaine viscous (2%), 50 ml of nystatin suspension (100,000 U/ml), 125 ml of normal saline, 60 mg of hydrocortisone (three tablets of 20 mg), and 3 to 5 ml of glycerine.  This should give you a total volume of 240 ml. The instructions that normally go with the use of the mouthwash are to shake it well, then swish 30 ml of solution around the mouth and throat for one minute and to spit out the excess.  In my case, the ‘swishing’ wasn’t enough; I ‘gargled‘ with it to ensure that I got more coverage in my throat.  Give this a try every four to six hours as needed. Most of the advice I have found around the use of the mouthwash says something like; whenever possible, patients should also avoid eating or drinking for approximately 30 minutes after its use.

Preparing the solution; hints and instructions

One of the readers of the blog has pointed out that the reason you don’t want to swallow this mixture is because of the lydocaine.  Thank you Michelle!!

I hope this is helpful!

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