Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move With Purpose

In my experience, looking forward and behind me from where I now find myself, trying to understand the different paths my various journeys have taken me along, I’ve come to believe that the road to recovery, and the maintenance of whatever balance you need to find with your body and your mind is predicated on a simple mantra that can be applied to how you live your life at every stage;
Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move with Purpose.

Yes, I know its been said before in many different ways. The one phrasing that comes to mind and is closest to the statement is the Eat well, Sleep Well, Exercise chant which we hear occasionally.

Diet is important, and always has been.  Not only do we need to be aware of what our body’s nutritional needs are at every stage in our lives, but we need to eat the ‘right’ stuff.  We need to maintain a balanced caloric intake that takes into account our activity levels, and not to avoid the temptation to over or under eat.  This also applies to what we drink; hydrate!!  We need to make sure that we are taking in the right amount of fluids.  The consumption of booze as a component of ‘hydration’ is another of the points for serious discussion that often become arguments, but to that I will just say, apply the rules of  ‘moderation’.

We under estimate the need for good sleep patterns.  Research shows it, and its popping up in the news/media again.

Move with  Purpose means, on balance just what it sounds like; get moving, get exercising, but do it for a reason, with an end state in mind.

#Eat well, Sleep well, Move With Purpose

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