Yesterday, Sunday, was a day of mostly rain… but it cleared up in the evening, and although a bit chilly, made for nice sitting on the deck. We had been to friends for dinner, and then come home to just be quiet… me, so I could wrap my head around a process document that I was to present Monday morning, and Gail so she could just be quiet and continue trying to wrap her head around where she is in life. And just as we had settled into the Adirondack chairs with fleeces and drinks, and began talking about getting into the hot tub, friends poked their heads over the fence… so we entertained the two of them and their dogs for about forty minutes. So much for the hot tub. After they continued on their wander, I gave up and went to bed. Gail stayed behind, smoking, pacing, thinking…

Gail’s world has gotten so much more complicated than mine. Somewhere along the road we forgot, or didn’t know, that the caregivers of the world need down time, refresh time, renew time. Where I bounced back and returned to work at the end of April, Gail needed some extra time for her, for her focus, for her recovery… but society sort of assumes that if the afflicted is ready for a return to work, so should the caregiver. It really doesn’t work that way. We’re paying for that oversight now… Gail is taking an extra break before our vacation, and may stay away from work until September.

I got up early this morning to prep my stuff, so that I would be sure to be on time for the process discussion. And I did arrive at least half an hour before my usual time… fought with the technology (it won; we went with a different method of presentation), and then took a brief time out for a cup of coffee. Oops! Huge mistake… it completely wiped out my saliva. I spent most of the meeting speaking, trying not to bite my tongue, and near constantly drinking water to keep my mouth moist. This is not going to work for the long term… I desperately need to find a solution to the dry mouth issues.

Its really too bad about Tiger Woods, his knee, and the stress fractures. Our trip to England in a few weeks includes time at the British Open at the Royal Birkdale. We’re not sure how the tone of the tournament will change without one of the major draws. It should still be fun, given that the Royal Birkdale is the home course of Gail’s sister and brother-in-law. I just hope that I’m up to it…

My beard is coming back quite nicely, albeit a bit slower than the moustache. I do hope to look like my passport photo before we fly… I suppose that I should get Gail to take a photo and publish it here.

Still no weight gain.

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