After playing around on my motorcycle for several weeks now, normally after work, and weekends, touring around the local industrial park with the odd excursion out to various parts of the city (like my favourite liquor store for scotch that I am beginning to taste again!), and a couple of evening runs to the government building that I am working at for the moment, I rode my motorcycle to work during rush hour, both ways, yesterday. No trauma, no problems… smooth all the way, both ways! This is, what I consider to be, a major milestone. I haven’t gained any weight. I am not sure that I have replaced any muscle. But I am able to handle the heavy bike without too much trouble by ‘thinking through’ what it is I’m trying to do. The ‘zen’ approach to motorcycle riding? And speed and inertia does help… keep it moving, don’t be afraid of the accelerator, and feather that clutch! I am surprised that the configuration of the seat is actually comforting for my back and shoulder; it is comfortable to ride.

I must admit that I do continue to ‘drop’ the damned thing in the driveway at the townhouse, usually caused by stalling ’cause I’m going too slow while turning in, afraid of crashing into the garage door. I’ve had to go get Gail twice to help me pick up the 500+ lb. machine. Then I did a quick ‘Google’ on how to pick up a motorcycle, and lo and behold, there are a number of postings on the Internet that demonstrate how one person can get a heavy motorcycle back up into the proper position. Just knowing how to do it has increased my confidence… I haven’t dropped it since reading and watching the videos.

I kinda wish that I was going to be in Ontario for a chunk of this summer… I’ve managed to reconnect with an old friend from University who has taken on the role of director of a pipe band; I’d like to see what she’s managed to accomplish. I was reading somewhere that there were highland games this past weekend in Georgetown and I’m sure that her pipe band was part of it… I would have liked to have been there. And, of course, there are other friends and family that I’d dearly love to spend some time with… Toronto, Waterloo, Waterford and Belleville… with maybe a side trip to Dresden. Next summer?

We, Gail and I, do fly off to Great Britain in July to spend some time with her family, and to attend the British Open at the Royal Birkdale. I’m also going to try to get to Port Merion in Wales, and visit at least one castle… and I’m not talking about the huge house that Andrew and Hayley are building…

The family in Britain has done the research on diet, both from the celiac perspective and from the meal-supplement-gain-some-weight view. I don’t except any dietary horrors at all… in fact, all I’m worried about is that they will kill me with all of the attention!

On the health front, I do still feel very good. My beard is coming back and should have filled in by the time any customs/immigration officials try comparing my face to my passport photo.

My sleep patterns are getting much more stable.

I think that I am having a ‘positive’ hearing issue. My left ear, the one that I reported was crapping out completely, has decided that it will work again… and, the high pitched whine of the tinnitus in the same ear was replaced yesterday by the faintest of glockenspiels, little tiny bells being gently tinkled, distant wind chimes

I am having trouble swallowing first thing in the mornings; the dry mouth problem is responsible, I think. That and my usual summer allergies. I’m not sure what to do about it, yet. My appetite is getting better each day, but I do catch myself avoiding eating when I think its just going to be too much trouble. Food and really thick drinks seem to be leaving a bit of debris behind on the top of the windpipe flap (gee, I just can not remember the proper name of that thing!). I had a nasty coughing fit Sunday morning during brunch at Kimberley’s when a tiny piece of a gluten-free pancake got stuck and just would not be dislodged…

I will also have to admit that I’m being a bit lazy when it comes to the exercises for my shoulder, and my tongue. I’ve got to get on with both sets of exercises before the current limitations become permanent.

Generally, I don’t have a lot to complain about, except what I am not doing. And complaining about yourself seems a bit counterproductive, doesn’t it?

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