On vacation

I’m typing this while seated in the home office of Andrew and Hayley, brother and sister-in-law at their home in Woking, Surrey, UK. We arrived in London at noon on Wednesday, amidst an ugly downpour, which apparently had been going on for some days. After a nice sleep and a very quiet night, we have awoken in Woking (they rhyme, by the way) to lovely sunshine and steadily climbing temperatures. Hopefully by the end of day we will hit 22 degrees… a bit of a difference from the 28 we left, but, hey, it is the UK after all.

The flight over was comfortable, but punctuated by a dreadfully behaved 4 year old boy who was throwing a temper tantrum once an hour whether there was a reason or not. And then his sisters got into the shrill screaming thing… the mother seemed quite helpless. And what was more annoying was that the grandparents were travelling with them and absolutely refused to help her keep her kids under control, going so far as to ignore her and the kids. Not a group that I’d be interested in travelling with again…

Its still pretty early on over here. I will update the blog with my experiences with the food, and the accommodations… but let me just say that there is a world of difference between gluten free bread in Canada and what Hayley found for me over here.

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