Damned hearing!

This morning brought a bit of a panic… I’ve lost most of the hearing in my left ear! And this, at first blush, seems to have been an overnight occurrence, but when I think about it, I was having trouble hearing Rhys when he was whispering, from my left, during the conference yesterday.

Hopefully its something simple like a waxy occlusion and not the beginning of a permanent problem. I have called Dr. Williams’ office and asked Dianne to get me in to see the audiologist so I can get evaluated. In the short term, I’ll dig out my ear syringe and see what I can with it, tonight.

The thought of going deaf, even in just one ear, very much bothers me.

On another note; I also asked Dianne to look into the implications of getting my teeth cleaned. When we started down this path, I was definitely told that no dentist other than the team dentist was to touch my teeth without a fairly comprehensive briefing… I’m sure David Scott and Cheryl will be just fine, but I don’t want to ‘void the warranty’!

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