Behaviour Amplifications as a result of stroke

I’m just giving some serious thought to the amplified behaviors I’ve experienced as a result of my hemorrhagic stroke and the embolization used to stop the bleed in my brain. I’m still fighting some of those amplified behaviors, desperately working to wrestle the bad ones into submission while trying to coax the good ones  into becoming the representative ‘me’ which the real me hides behind.
I’ve tried to find some sage articles on the subject that may be lurking in the corridors of the internet, but without a lot of success. There seems to be a passing nod of acknowledgement  and validation  given to the concept of behavioural amplification, but it could definitely use more investigation.

Hhhmmm…. I’m thinking there’s a doctoral thesis in there somewhere. 🙂

Who would actually see the differences?  Family and friends, neighbours would see a change and a pattern emerging for certain if they’ve been paying attention, but the other folk that one interacts with on a daily basis might take note.  What would your librarian have to say based on observations after the stroke?  What would your grocer have to offer to the discussion?

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