Just a speed-bump, not a full stop

I took a break from my ‘day’ job, and the re-deployment effort for this blog for a while there.  Why?  Because for a while there, it wasn’t coming as easily and the white noise was overwhelming. What wasn’t coming easily? ; My ability to get things done from a cognitive point of view.  Huh?  What does that mean? Here’s a somewhat snooty answer to the question “What wasn’t coming easily?”: Responding to complicated instructions with a sense of comfort, and in a demonstrably confident, repeatable, concise, clean manner was becoming clumsy; Holding up my end of a detailed conversation, assimilating … Continue reading Just a speed-bump, not a full stop

Health Care Reaction Time: Brilliant!

Got the phone call yesterday afternoon from Maureen with the PET scan program at U of A Hospitals… unfortunately I didn’t pick up the message until after 11 PM. She did connect with both Gail and I this morning (persistence; I like that in a health care professional!). We have a PET scan scheduled for October 10, 2007. I am ecstatic! Gail is noticeably relieved.I had another chat with one of my key supervisors today. He has spoken with the partner for Consulting in Edmonton, and reiterated that whatever I need, whenever I need it, they are there for me. … Continue reading Health Care Reaction Time: Brilliant!