Stroke Recovery Distress

The most emotionally devastating emotional pivotal point in stroke recovery is the moment when you discover what’s been truly lost and the realization that its not coming back. For family and friends this is a heartbreaking ‘call to action’ that so many are not equipped to answer. For the stroke victim this is a devastating epiphany. Things will never be the same again. A simple truth, yes, however, becoming aware of it and knowing it to be true shapes the future. Continue reading Stroke Recovery Distress

Just a speed-bump, not a full stop

I took a break from my ‘day’ job, and the re-deployment effort for this blog for a while there.  Why?  Because for a while there, it wasn’t coming as easily and the white noise was overwhelming. What wasn’t coming easily? ; My ability to get things done from a cognitive point of view.  Huh?  What does that mean? Here’s a somewhat snooty answer to the question “What wasn’t coming easily?”: Responding to complicated instructions with a sense of comfort, and in a demonstrably confident, repeatable, concise, clean manner was becoming clumsy; Holding up my end of a detailed conversation, assimilating … Continue reading Just a speed-bump, not a full stop

Negotiating the back to work protocol

Well, I am happy to report that there have been some real successes in the last couple of days! Two of the key successes are a) certain people on my rehab team are actively negotiating a graduated return to work protocol, and b) my employer is embracing the parameters and the graduated return to work plan. So now it’s full steam ahead.  My employers’ HR team has a return to work specialist  who will have the job of convincing the provider of my Long Term Disability Insurance that this is a good idea at this time. I’m not entirely sure … Continue reading Negotiating the back to work protocol

Consider Managing Your Own Recovery

Well, I will admit that I am beginning to get tired of all of this.  I want to go back to work, but I am having a lot of trouble getting traction with the medicos who are in charge of my care.  I don’t know what comes next.  And it would appear that the team that is supposedly managing my recovery from the stroke doesn’t know what comes next either.  In conversation I have discovered that the ‘team lead’ apparently hasn’t taken the time to map a course of action, or just hasn’t bothered to communicate it to the team.  … Continue reading Consider Managing Your Own Recovery

The timeline of a Stroke

I am assured that everyone is different, so here’s a draft and definitely incomplete narrative of the timeline that tracks my stroke and treatment to date; Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 4:00 AM.  A severe headache woke me and got me out of bed.  My wife found me in the kitchen at 4:30 AM, clutching my head.  The pain was on the right side of my head.  My wife convinced me to take a couple of Tylenol and try to go back to sleep.  By the time I felt comfortable enough to get up, my darling was dressed on pretty much … Continue reading The timeline of a Stroke