Health Care Reaction Time: Brilliant!

Got the phone call yesterday afternoon from Maureen with the PET scan program at U of A Hospitals… unfortunately I didn’t pick up the message until after 11 PM. She did connect with both Gail and I this morning (persistence; I like that in a health care professional!).

We have a PET scan scheduled for October 10, 2007. I am ecstatic! Gail is noticeably relieved.

I had another chat with one of my key supervisors today. He has spoken with the partner for Consulting in Edmonton, and reiterated that whatever I need, whenever I need it, they are there for me. He took the time to reinforce that it meant ANY TIME. He told me about an incident with his father (died from cancer) who fell in the snow and had to wait for nearly half an hour for a passer-by to help him up ’cause he didn’t know who to call for help. If that ever happens to me, or if I get left at the hospital, or Gail is overwhelmed and can’t drive, or anything, I am to call the office and they will deal with it. Pretty cool, eh?

It was also suggested that I warn the HR team so that it doesn’t come as a complete surprise if I need serious time off sooner than later. I spoke with Erin…

I also took the time to let Mira know; I’d hate for her to hear it by rumour. I considered who else I should tell at the office. Weighing ‘the burden of knowing’ against other factors challenging members of the team, I have chosen to keep it to myself for just a little while longer.

Scott and Cheryl are in town today, on unrelated business. Gail has made arrangements to see them tomorrow afternoon. That decision keeps this evening free for us to pick up the necessities for Thanksgiving dinner.

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