And on we go…

Late this afternoon we got the call from the Doctor’s office with the date for the IUA or EUA or whatever that Quadroscopy is called. October 19, 2007. Friday. That will give me a weekend to get my throat back into shape before I have to deal with anyone other than family. Good.

This also gives me the opportunity to go ahead with the ITIL V3 stuff in Calgary on the 15th, 16th and 17th. Well, that is unless they get the PET scan setup for one of those dates…

And the real bonus for the ITIL V3 session is that Farah is the lead on it… I haven’t seen her since Vegas at the Pink Elephant conference. It’ll be good fun. But the question is, do I tell her if she hasn’t already heard? Will it throw her off her stride to know?

Gail won’t be travelling with me, as she has reminded me that she must be at home on the 15th because of the election, but she might join me on the next evening. And I’ll need to let Kathleen know that I’ll be in Calgary. I’m sure that she’d be seriously pissed if I snuck in and out on her this time.

Dad called tonight to let us know that his PSA came up clear. Yay!!! One more for the home team.

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