Health Care Reaction Time: Brilliant!

Got the phone call yesterday afternoon from Maureen with the PET scan program at U of A Hospitals… unfortunately I didn’t pick up the message until after 11 PM. She did connect with both Gail and I this morning (persistence; I like that in a health care professional!). We have a PET scan scheduled for October 10, 2007. I am ecstatic! Gail is noticeably relieved.I had another chat with one of my key supervisors today. He has spoken with the partner for Consulting in Edmonton, and reiterated that whatever I need, whenever I need it, they are there for me. … Continue reading Health Care Reaction Time: Brilliant!

Oops! We can’t find it!

Yesterday (October 2, 2007), we met with our surgeon/oncologist for the first time. During the meeting a number of things came up, or went up, as the case may be. What went up was an endoscope up my nose so that he could have a quick look around for the tumour, which isn’t showing up on the CT scan. And he couldn’t see it. Basically what it means is that they can’t seem to find the primary tumour easily.The next step will to do an ‘IUA‘, or investigation under anaesthesia (how DO you spell it?) so that they can probe … Continue reading Oops! We can’t find it!