The kid and her husband got back from what he was describing before they left as their ‘last vacation’. I suspect that he sees a major change in their lifestyle with the imminent birth of their first child. Hey, it made me laugh…

The trip wasn’t the best.

They went to the Dominican Republic and were extremely disappointed by it. Customer service levels were not what they’ve come to expect from their experiences in Cuba and St. Lucia, or even in Mexico. The food, especially the preparation of meats, left a lot to be desired. It rained far too much for K.’s comfort level. And they had one driver on an excursion that had to be told to slow down because K. was getting tossed around unmercifully in the back of the jeep they were in. D. was quite concerned that she, or the baby would be hurt, so used his size, subverting his normally gentle demeanor to intimidate the driver into slowing down and driving reasonably. The ironic part is that they were on their way to do a few hours worth of ATVing on a beach… the roads must have been pretty extreme for the ride to and back from the ATV site to have been rougher than than the actually activity!

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