Another Award for the Lady

G. has received yet another award acknowledging her commitment to the Arts, to the Community and to Children. Her contributions were recognized by being named as a “Woman of Distinction” by the local chapter of the United Nations as part of the International Woman’s Day celebrations. Very cool! Continue reading Another Award for the Lady

Another milestone reached…successfully

For the past three days I have been presenting ‘stand up’ training for a group of clients… essentially lecturing for 7 hours a day, for those three days. And I am overjoyed to report that the trainee feedback forms made absolutely no mention of any issues with my voice, my diction, or anything negative that might be associated with the fallout from my cancer battle. And these folks were workmates of a group who, the week before, complained long and loud about the diction and accents of my two teammates’ presentation. Not significant, you say? One of the forms actually … Continue reading Another milestone reached…successfully