Swimming Upstream…?

Today it feels like I’m swimming upstream, moving against the current of my life, fighting just to stay in place and not appearing to be making any headway  on my journey.  My retirement plans, my writing and my painting are all on hold.

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My darling wife has had an odd cardiac incident;  Takotsubo Syndrome, also known as ‘broken heart syndrome’.  There will be more on this in a new post.

I have developed an abscess on the right side of my neck.  My ontological head and neck surgeon had a look, did a needle biopsy and ordered a CT scan.  The challenge is that the diagnostic imaging gear in the greater Edmonton area is booked up until November!  I’ve got an appointment for November 20th.  That’s only a seven week wait but it feels like forever.

My surgeon, Dr. David Williams  seems to have pulled some strings.  Today, fully twenty five days from when I first published this post, I got a call from his wonderful assistant to let me know that the medical imaging group has found me a slot in a scant two days from now.

I have been experimenting and flirting with an anti-anxiety medication to see if I could even out the roller coaster of emotions.  The thing is, the drug makes me feel sluggish, and oddly enough, makes my head feel ‘full’ and congested,  not unlike the effects of the stroke had me feeling at various points.  I’ve lost my motivation, and feel that my creativity is being dampened.

This is all getting tough again.

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