Another Award for the Lady

G. has received yet another award acknowledging her commitment to the Arts, to the Community and to Children. Her contributions were recognized by being named as a “Woman of Distinction” by the local chapter of the United Nations as part of the International Woman’s Day celebrations. Very cool!

One thought on “Another Award for the Lady

  1. Hi,I am the daughter of an Edmonton man who is in the process of getting a definitive diagnosis of his throat / salivary gland cancer…he shares your symptoms and has started seeing the same Dr (Dr. Williams) for a treatment plan…your blog is so informative and your comments sound alot like my own dad (he’s a little older than you, rides a trike for fun, had several businesses in the past). I am going to have him read your entire website and blogs. My name is Cindy Patrick and my dad is JC Finlin. I had cancer myself 9 years ago and know that the experiences of others helped me alot in going through the process myself and I am so grateful to have come across your blog…one of the few sites with any info on the quadroscopy, for example, which my dad is scheduled for in the next 10 days. I am also wondering if you would consider sharing your email address so he could contact you to ask any questions he may have about your diagnosis, treatment and recovery. My email address is and my dad’s is Many thanks, Cindy

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