Thoughts on the Federal Budget

I’m still not sure that I can honestly say that I agree with the Federal budget that was tabled last week. I can’t even say that I disagree with it. Damn, but I hate being so undecided about stuff like this.After 11 consecutive years of budget surpluses, we’re sliding into deficits again. Is it needed? I don’t know that its ‘needed’, but it is unavoidable. The deficit for the fiscal year ending March, 2009 will be in the $1.1 billion range. The next year is projected at $33.7 billion. How the heck does that happen? The Government has decided to … Continue reading Thoughts on the Federal Budget

Superbowl Surprise!

Its not the end result of the Superbowl that I found surprising. The game was very good… some really exciting end-to-end drives, that amazing full field run, and that holding-on-by-his-toenails end zone reception! I was always a bit concerned about the Cardinals’ bench strength..It’s not that surprising about who got the MVP, but I still think they got that wrong (shoulda been Fitzgerald!).What really surprised me was how G. got so into the game! She was jumping up and down, and yelling at the TV, while occasionally asking me for clarification on the rules. It was kinda neat to see … Continue reading Superbowl Surprise!