The kid and her husband got back from what he was describing before they left as their ‘last vacation’. I suspect that he sees a major change in their lifestyle with the imminent birth of their first child. Hey, it made me laugh…The trip wasn’t the best. They went to the Dominican Republic and were extremely disappointed by it. Customer service levels were not what they’ve come to expect from their experiences in Cuba and St. Lucia, or even in Mexico. The food, especially the preparation of meats, left a lot to be desired. It rained far too much for … Continue reading

Well, given the frequency with which I’ve been updated this blog lately, I figured it was about time to do something with it, anything… so at the tail end of a fine Family Day, I’ve just poured myself a glass of homemade wine (from a kit; none of that squish-the-grapes-yourself stuff…too much work!) and sat down to write something. The wine isn’t too terrible… but still plonk-ish at best. Maybe it will get better with age? Well, at least it’s saving money, right? This low quality wine would cost at least $10.00… I can make and bottle my own for … Continue reading