The Questionable Value of Salagen / Pilocarpine

I’ve been trying to reach some sort of conclusion about the value of taking Salagen (aka pilocarpine) to offset the dry mouth syndrome. Well, at least I am starting to question the value for my particular situation. Pilocarpine (or the commercial name Salagen) is touted as being one solution to dry mouth. It is supposed to actually stimulate saliva production. Now, given that I’m down to one saliva gland because of the radiation treatment, I thought that it might be something worth trying. I was initially disappointed with my doctors because they didn’t suggest it right off the bat. I’m … Continue reading The Questionable Value of Salagen / Pilocarpine

A New Toy I Recommend for Everyone!

Last weekend I redeemed a gift certificate for a Nintendo Wii that I was given for Christmas, and I am really glad that I did. This thing is a joy! Its not your average computer gaming console, at all.The actual machine, the ‘console’, is small… its actually smaller than some books I have. There are no wires from the console to the controllers, so no wires to constantly be fussing with, rearranging, or tripping over. And while there are bang-bang-shoot-’em-up games available, the real fun for G and I has been with the interactive Wii Sports games. To be fair, … Continue reading A New Toy I Recommend for Everyone!

That thing on the end of my nose? Not cancerous!

Over a week ago, Tuesday, January 13, 2009 to be precise, I saw Dr. Groot about the growth on the end of my nose. And, guess what? It was a wart after all! And with a very theatrical flourish, he dispensed a puff of his magic spray (liquid nitrogen)… I’m pretty sure that I was in the same room with him for less than 5 minutes. Very personable guy, but the conversation, the actual consultation was extremely superficial.The wart and surrounding skin behaves as if it has been burned. Within two days the external wart fell off while I was … Continue reading That thing on the end of my nose? Not cancerous!

Latest Swallow Tests… the videos

On December 23, 2008 I visited with Irene at iRSM, once called COMPRU, at the Misericordia Hospital for my one year post surgical swallow and speech assessment. What I have posted here are two of the fluoroscope movies that they made of me swallowing various ‘weights’ of things… all infused with barium so that it shows up. Thank you to Irene for sending me the clips! This first clip is a bit dark, and a wee bit difficult to see anything unless you know what you are looking for… I will try to lighten it before I post it on … Continue reading Latest Swallow Tests… the videos

After an afternoon of exploring various electronics shops pricing plasma tvs of varying sizes and configurations for Scott’s studio, and a separate one for their home, Scott drove me half way up the mountain that West Vancouver huddles at the foot of (Grouse Mountain?) to take in the view… unfortunately I didn’t have either one of our cameras with me and was reduced to taking photos with my Blackberry… This first photo is with the ubiquitous Scott and the Greater Vancouver Area in the background, with the inner harbour, etc; a view looking southeast. This second photo is looking southwesterly-ish… … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Nothing really important to say today, just to wish everyone a Happy New Year…We spent New Year’s Eve at a small dinner party with friends in West Vancouver, hosted by Scott and Cheryl Swan. In attendance was the lovely and talented Merrilyn Gann, and we were joined later in the evening by the Mayor of the District of North Vancouver, Richard Walton and his wife, Celeste. The accomplishments of some of our friends never fails to amaze and amuse me… Continue reading Happy New Year!