After an afternoon of exploring various electronics shops pricing plasma tvs of varying sizes and configurations for Scott’s studio, and a separate one for their home, Scott drove me half way up the mountain that West Vancouver huddles at the foot of (Grouse Mountain?) to take in the view… unfortunately I didn’t have either one of our cameras with me and was reduced to taking photos with my Blackberry…

This first photo is with the ubiquitous Scott and the Greater Vancouver Area in the background, with the inner harbour, etc; a view looking southeast.

This second photo is looking southwesterly-ish… the peninsula beyond the ships is the University of British Columbia, and the ships are in the outer harbour. These ships are ocean going cargo ships… which should give you an idea of the size of them, and therefore the scale of the view in the photo… lovely, eh?

One of the things that I have been a bit evangelistic about while I’ve been out here is the idea of digital eReaders. I dragged first Gordon, and now Scott off to Sony Style stores to get them to have a look at the Sony version of the eReader. The digital book is a concept who’s time has just about come… Gordon seemed interested because of the amount of sales related information that could be uploaded and maintained without needed to carry around bulky product binders, while the hook with Scott seems to be the advantage it may offer to his aged mother. And me, I just want something that allows me to carry lots of books, both for reference and entertainment in a convenient, lightweight format that still allows me to make notes, add bookmarks and flip through quickly. The only thing about the current crop of eReaders out there today is that the best ones don’t come in colour. Sure, they use something called eINK technology, which is very good, but they don’t reproduce colour photos/drawings/charts in anything but gray scale.

I may have to hold out for another six months to a year…

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