That thing on the end of my nose? Not cancerous!

Over a week ago, Tuesday, January 13, 2009 to be precise, I saw Dr. Groot about the growth on the end of my nose. And, guess what? It was a wart after all! And with a very theatrical flourish, he dispensed a puff of his magic spray (liquid nitrogen)… I’m pretty sure that I was in the same room with him for less than 5 minutes. Very personable guy, but the conversation, the actual consultation was extremely superficial.

The wart and surrounding skin behaves as if it has been burned. Within two days the external wart fell off while I was washing my face… and it was a gentle scrub at that. The skin around the site blistered and scabbed. Three or four days later the scab came off with a gentle tug. Today there is a small, red blemish. I expect that to be gone within days.

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