Ya, I know that I’m doing a terrible job of keeping this blog updated. I’d like to say that I’m horrendously busy… but that’s not entirely true. What I am is intellectually beat at the end of each day, lately. There are other things swirling around me that are emotionally draining, even though they don’t directly affect me. And after evaluating all that, I just don’t feel that I have something to contribute, or it isn’t something that I’m comfortable discussing online, or it shouldn’t be added to the drivel found on the Internet…

Since I have discovered who some of the core readers of this blog are, I find myself censoring more and more… an awful lot of “oh, that might come across as hurtful to person X” or “person Y might take issue with that” and even a lot of “well, that’s none of that person’s business”, and even some of “will that person use it against this other person?”. I’ve become quite sensitized…

Topics for future exploration, exploitation, or avoidance:

  • personal bankruptcies–why its happening to people I know
  • family dramas made more severe by the recession
  • getting ready for all day training sessions again–am I really up to it?
  • why is the Cross Cancer Institute ignoring my offer?

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