Interesting reactions…

As I discuss and describe my two options with friends, family and acquaintances (not so much!), I’m getting a pretty consistent reaction; most folks are in favour of the radical approach.

My parents have a lot on their plates with my father’s woes, so I’m not sure how focused they are, not to mention that I didn’t really push it out to them in the same terms that I’m using with most other folks.

But I gotta admit that I was very surprised by the reaction from the closest Aunt, who once did nursing and now is a project manager on research projects associated with nursing. She has been the most negative, almost horrified by the thought. In some ways, she reflected my initial reactions… She is supposed to be emailing me her list of questions for me to challenge the Team with tomorrow morning.

Today I had to tell two more people.

One was the representative of a client, and I was quite taken aback by her reaction. She was really quite shaken…

The other was Mike N. from the office. He’s got this great idea to help the Boyle Street Co-op raise money and also raise the firm’s visibility in the community… and when we got down to the short strokes, I had to tell him that I expect to be incapacitated for all of December, January and a big chunk of February, and therefore would be unable to shephard the project to presentation. I’m very disappointed… it’ll be a gas for the right folks! But the point here was to discuss his reaction. After a bit of hesitation, and taking a cue from my approach, he finally just said “It is what it is.” Kinda nice sentiment. No fawning, no overt horror, no crocodile tears. I appreciate the matter-of-factness about it all.

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