Speech Pathology

Yesterday I had an appointment with the C.O.M.P.R.U. Team at the Misericordia (have ya noticed how I’m not getting anything posted on the day?). My particular therapist is Irene… a very nice young woman, fabulously blue eyes. I was expecting that I would be taught several exercises to strengthen my tongue and throat, but all they really did was get another of those mysterious ‘baselines’. Now, to be fair, I know that they will use the baseline if I require therapy after the fact…We did a number of things:A barium swallow. This was kinda cool. They had me drink the … Continue reading Speech Pathology

Apricot Pits

A good friend gave me a bag of apricot pits the other day. His uncle, who is battling lymphoma, is using them. Apparently they are a natural source of laetrile (did I spell that correctly?). Some practitioners, including the American FDA, classify them as some sort of poison ’cause they produce cyanide. Notice how I said that; they produce cyanide. The chemistry stuff that I’ve managed to winkle out of the Internet indicates that one of the compounds in the pits, when it comes into contact with one of the sugars in the cancer, combine together to make cyanide, which … Continue reading Apricot Pits