Pandemonium rules our home

We live in a townhouse set up for two adults of a certain age with some accomodation for casual guests.  We’ve been invaded by 3 children, their parents and their on-again, off-again helper.

Our daughter, because of an uncomfortable necessity, has transitioned her family from an appropriately sized four bedroom home to our modest abode without having the luxury of time to plan it all carefully.

Pandemonium reigns!  Its early July, school is out, and gone is the structure for the kids.  And along with the structured days for the children the fragile structured, calm world my wife and I were enjoying has fallen into disarray.

Did I mention that there are also two dogs and one demonic cat involved?

The situation seems so much more chaotic than the world we had constructed when raising our children.  We don’t yet have a grip on the parents’ and helper’s work schedules, day care, and general ebb and flow of daily life.

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