Stroke Recovery Distress

The most emotionally devastating emotional pivotal point in stroke recovery is the moment when you discover what’s been truly lost and the realization that its not coming back. For family and friends this is a heartbreaking ‘call to action’ that so many are not equipped to answer. For the stroke victim this is a devastating epiphany. Things will never be the same again. A simple truth, yes, however, becoming aware of it and knowing it to be true shapes the future. Continue reading Stroke Recovery Distress

Takotsubo Syndrome–how do you mend a broken heart?’

How do you mend a broken heart?  Lately we’ve been dealing with my darling wife’s encounter with Takotsubo Syndrome and the struggle to find the way through to an actual treatment protocol for this rare condition.   Takotsubo Syndrome is also … Continue reading Takotsubo Syndrome–how do you mend a broken heart?’