With a view to trying to keep things in balance, we continued to deal with the reality of living this morning by leaping out of bed early and heading downtown to The Boardroom for a haircut. The young woman who normally does my hair decided to take a weekend to go skiing (good for her!) and left me to a slightly trashy looking woman that is, reputedly, one of the studio instructors at the local hairdressing school. I was not impressed by her, and definitely not impressed with my haircut and her ability to listen to and interpret instructions. Its really short! Much shorter than I like and too short in the places where I asked her to keep it long, to just remove some of the bulk. Definitely not a scissors-and-razor-blade kind of girl, she started in immediately with electric clippers reminiscent of the ones that my mother used on me when I was a child! And she didn’t seem to be able to work with the colour variations nearly as well as the two previous hairdressers have done, although she commented that she just loves salt and pepper hair. Oh, well. We’ll have to wait and see how it grows out.

Then, after flitting in and out of woman’s clothing consignment stores, we ended up at Sears to buy a new refrigerator. {Insert Heavy Sigh here} On Friday we’ll take deliver of a 24 cu. ft. stainless steel clad ‘trio’ or french door style Kenmore branded-though-built-on-a-Whirlpool-chassis unit. I suppose that I should just consider it step one in the kitchen renovations, eh?

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