Last kick at training for a while…

Today was day two of the three day ITIL V3 course that I’m presenting… a nonstop, all day training event where I get to do most of the talking… pitching brilliant concepts in a questionably designed syllabus using an ‘okay’ curriculum in a time frame that is half a day too short.

Last night my throat was very tender. I grabbed some lozenges and some non-alcoholic antiseptic spray and self medicated most of the evening. One of the lozenges I used was Thayer’s Slippery Elm… not bad, actually, but pretty mild and didn’t have an immediate effect. I followed up with the Hall’s, which seemed to offer almost immediate relief. Obviously the methodology isn’t very scientific, but throughout the day today, I continued with the Hall’s and my throat is no where near as raw as it was last evening when I finished.

One more half day to go, and then I’m done for the next three months at a minimum… at least that’s what Doctor Williams is writing me off for… I’m truly hoping that its enough!

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